Another one done very quickly for the release of a CD single. I think this was the time they released a single with five different covers on it, that was the manager's idea. They were hoping that the fans were going to buy five copies and they would get a number one hit single. It worked, but it wasn't the song that got it to number one, it was my covers that got to number one... Hah! You see this isn't making nice covers to decorate CD's and records. this is using a record to sell CD covers and merchandise. This is completely the wrong way round. They had been putting more and more pressure on me over the years. They were relying on me more and more to come up with ideas that would sell more records. instead of making better songs. I really was not being paid enough for that kind of pressure. This is when it all really started getting bullshitty and I got out of the contract about here and I never signed another one. Afterwards I just used to do the occasional picture for them.
There's not much detail in the graveyard because I did it in two days and I was getting pissed off.