This was the second version of this one. For the first version the manager wanted Eddie thrusting out of the grave straight at the viewer. I tried that and just as I said at the time, the dynamics completely didn't work. (I knew they wouldn't, it's what I do you know... but everyone and his brother thinks they know better...) The first one was painted in oils. Whenever I pained anything in oil paints the guys who photograph it can't get the shine from the lights off the picture so you get white areas and bit all over it. Which really is just incompetence. But this time it worked in my favor and I got to re-paint it in acryllics the way I wanted to (the only way the picture will work.) Hooray... somebody fucking listened. On the far right, in the grass, those are magic mushrooms. They were growing all over London at the time because some hippies had seeded all the public parks with magic mushroom spores. So I stuck some in.