I wanted to get rid of Eddie because I was getting a bit sick of painting him. Also I was thinking about quitting from maiden because they were getting increasingly difficult to work with. I couldn't really just quit because I was in this long contract. So I cut Eddie up into bits so I would have less to paint. I was curious to see what we would do with him the next year with so little of him left, but they chickened out and "began again" with Eddie whole. It was an album about prophesy so it had to be disjointed and wierd looking so I went a bit surreal with it. There is no meaning in the picture that is intended, what I did was to use lots of biblical looking imagery and things that you could read meaning into so that it looks like it could mean something deep. But like all real prophesy it's really just meaningful looking nonsense. That's quite deep on it's own really isn't it? Oooh, I love pretentious bullshit, it's so meaningful and deep.