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Eddie or Iron Maiden Trivia

Here is some trivia about the creation of Eddie.

I first put this onto my facebook page and the Maiden fans enjoyed it.

So I thought I would make this a permanent feature of my website.

This is probably only of interest to Iron Maiden fans but it's the kind of stuff that even Iron Maiden don't know about.

Have fun folks.


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This is the official website of Derek Riggs. Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror artist. Inventor of Eddie the Head.

Derek Riggs is the Iron Maiden Artist. He is a science fiction and horror illustrator. working mostly in the music industry, best known for his horror pictures of Eddie the Head which were used by Iron Maiden. He has worked with many heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, Stratovarius and Gamma Ray for CD music covers and Iron Maiden with Bruce Dickinson. Derek Riggs illustrated all of the early Iron Maiden heavy metal albums, with Bruce Dickinson and Eddie the head, Derek Riggs illustrates Iron Maiden style science fiction and horror and other fantasy art. with Eddie the Head and Bruce Dickinson on music CD using Eddie the Head. with Iron Maiden character Eddie the head for Iron Maiden starring Bruce Dickinson and science fiction and horror and Eddie the Head which Derek Riggs invented. iron maiden used Eddie the head on the Iron Maiden CD covers with Bruce Dickinson in the music business for CD covers for iron maiden and science fiction and horror and Derek Riggs.

This is rubbish by Derek Riggs, but the search engines need this kind of thing to find the website of Derek Riggs but not Bruce Dickinson or Iron Maiden or Eddie the Head.

I hope this is clear...